Although drama maintains a steady flow for the cast of Bravo’s breakout hit Below Deck, the cast still manages to find common ground among one another – specifically for boat besties Kat Held and David Bradberry.
And even though these two found friendship – they also found reasons to butt heads with the yacht’s chief stewardess, Adrienne Gang.
“I found Adrienne to be two-faced,” Kat admits to In Touch. “She says she comes across as professional. She was very unprofessional. She had poor social skills. I think she was someone that was difficult to get along with either as a friend or in a work environment. Things were awkward.”
David agrees. He isn’t Adrienne’s biggest fan either.
“This is Adrienne’s first time being a chief stewardess on a yacht and she’s desperately hoping to succeed, but in doing so, she comes across as this frigid b—-,” he says.
“She is absolutely the villain of this show,” adds Kat.
While the cast continues to clash with yacht villain Adrienne, Kat and David dish on what it’s like to find friendship far out at sea.
“I love Kat,” David gushes. “We became very close and I think it’s because during he charter season, she was a party animal. She was always the life of the party and she and I bonded very much.  She was definitely one of my favorites. I think I just related to Kat the most because she was so much fun.”
The feelings were mutual for Kat, who can’t get enough of David aboard Honor, the 164-foot mega-yacht.
“My favorite person is David. He was one who showed me a lot of support,” Kat confided. “I looked up to David for his lifestyle and just how things he did came so easily to him. David is by far my favorite guy on the boat!”
To see friendships form and feuds unfold, be sure to tune into Below Deck, Mondays on Bravo at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

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