As we transition into colder seasons, it’s safe to predict that fall nail colors will also shift to darker colors. But why not keep a bit of summer alive with a fall nail look that gives a nod to summer with bold flowers and is easy to create at home?


Celebrity nail technician Hang Nguyen, who’s known for setting nail trends, created this whimsical look that’s super simple to recreate at home.

Nail art


  1. Apply base coat, two coats of polish and top coat. Let dry.
  2. Dip the pointed end of the Velvet Touch Nail Tool into polish.
  3. Gently dot the color onto the nail.
  4. Clean the nail tool and dip into a new color
  5. Gently dot the color next to the first dot; repeat in a circular pattern to create the flower effect
  6. Let dry and apply another top coat.

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