Celebrity makeup artist and CEO of Pretty Girl Makeup, Christina Flach, shows us how she translates her love and obsession with beauty and fashion into brows that make a statement.

Christina Flach

Properly groomed brows will make your eyes look bigger, brighter, and more prominent, creating the illusion of a younger looking face. We got the top tips for the perfect arch, for every face shape.


My goal for Kate, was to soften the angles of her face with a slightly angled, rounded brow. I kept her arches low to create a more natural and casual look.

For thin brows, use a white eyeliner pencil to outline the shape and color the stray hairs. Then, using the Medium Slant Tweezer, remove those hairs. The Point Tweezers is the best tool for getting the micro-tiny hairs removed.

Photo: Richard Shui
Photo: Richard Shui


During this shoot with Tierney, I wanted to balance her amazing cheekbones and square jaw with softer brows. I kept her arches natural and slight, and her brows full but precisely groomed.

When shaping brows for a soft look, use the spoolie from the Luxe Brow Kit and brush your brows up. While still holding the Spoolie, use the scissors to trim the longest hairs, a few at a time. This will provide a natural look.

Photo: Richard Shui
Photo: Richard Shui


Kayleigh’s face shape, oval, is widely considered to be the ideal face shape. Her brows are thick with soft angles to bring attention to the bold brows and the features of her face.

To tame bushy brows, I’m obsessed with the Japonesque Pro Performance Touch Up Razor. I use it as a final step to clean up peach fuzz and unwanted hair around the brow for a flawless finish.

Photo: Richard Shui
Photo: Richard Shui


On Carmella, who has a round face, I kept the brow’s angles soft so that her face would look less full and her facial features more defined.

Everyone needs to fill in their brows a bit. The subtle shading of an eyebrow pencil to define brows followed by filling them in with eye shadow will ensure a flawless look.

Photo: Richard Shui
Photo: Richard Shui


“The Japonesque Luxe Brow Kit, Pro Performance Tweezer Duo and the Pro Performance Touch Up Razors are all you need to create and maintain perfect brows both in and out of a quarantine!” says Flach. Here are the products she recommends to get the looks featured above, available at Target or Target.com.

JAPONESQUE® Pro Performance Tweezer Duo $7.99

The JAPONESQUE® Pro Performance Tweezer Duo are hand sharpened for precision results. Slant tip removes unwanted hair for flawless brow shaping while point tip extracts small, fine hairs for defining results.

Japonesque Power Duo Tweezer


JAPONESQUE® Luxe Brow Kit $13.99

The JAPONESQUE® Luxe Brow Kit shapes brows for professional quality brow care at home or on the go.

Japonesque Luxe Brow Kit

JAPONESQUE® Pro Performance Touch Up Razors $5.99

The JAPONESQUE® Pro Performance Touch Up Razor has precision blades to comfortably trim unwanted facial hair with accuracy and ease.

Japonesque Tool

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