The Barnes Bunch star Matt Barnes caught his fiancée, Anansa Sims, up about a lawsuit he’s involved in an exclusive clip obtained by In Touch.

In the teaser clip for the Friday, May 10, episode, Matt, 44, explained that he was accused of “beating up three or four people” during a night out at a nightclub in 2016. “Now I’m being sued by a woman and her boyfriend over stuff that they claim I did to them,” he explained in a confessional, adding that he was innocent.

After Anansa, 45, overheard Matt on a phone call discussing the case, he told her that his lawyer suggested he settle the lawsuit in order to avoid a trial. While Anansa said she was confused because Matt “didn’t do anything,” the retired athlete said the unnamed couple could make up to $6 million if they win the case.

“He felt like I needed to offer them something,” Matt said about his lawyer. “Because they thought that’d be the best route, and it was just hard for me to do … to offer anything without … knowing I didn’t do anything.”

Matt explained that the lawyer “talked [him] into offering a million dollars” to the couple, which left Anansa in shock. “A million dollars and you didn’t do anything wrong?” she said. “That’s crazy.”

Anansa’s confusion continued when Matt revealed that the couple didn’t accept his offer. “The boyfriend accepted the part we offered him. And the girlfriend didn’t accept what we offered,” he explained.

“I’m just blown away because you didn’t even tell me that you offered a million dollars, babe,” she said, adding that she would have advised him not to make the offer because they have “no proof” of their claims and they’re likely going after him because of his celebrity status.

Matt continued to insist he’s innocent, and said someone would have caught it on camera if he had actually beat up people at the club. Not only did no one in the club film the alleged altercation, but Matt added that the venue’s security footage from the evening seemingly disappeared.

Barnes Bunch's Anansa Reacts to Fiance Matt’s Nightclub Fight Lawsuit: ‘That’s Crazy’

Since the couple denied Matt’s offer, he explained that the next step in the case is to go to trial. The status of the case is currently unclear.

Following the nightclub incident, Matt pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct in June 2017 in relation to his role in the brawl. He reached an agreement that ordered him to complete 10 days of community service in exchange for the guilty plea, according to TMZ.

The Barnes Bunch airs on WEtv Fridays at 10 p.m. ET.

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