Wow, this poor girl really can’t catch a break! Audrey Roloff seems like a very sweet and loving mom to baby Ember, but she still gets hate from fans online. Recently, she was called out for wearing an “inappropriate” outfit to the doctor’s office, and you’re going to die laughing when you found out what the “offensive” item was. *Watch the video below to see what fans mommy-shamed her for. *

Luckily, the Little People, Big World star has many, many more supporters than haters, and tons of them came to her support on Facebook after she called out the naysayers on Instagram Stories. “As for the haters about what you are wearing, the baby, etc. Pffttt. Please. You look great, youthful and happy. The baby looks perfectly content to look in the mirror and hang out. People MYOB. What happened to the motto, if you can’t say something nice, say nothing at all and move on?”

Another agreed, saying “I heard others were giving you a hard time about what you are wearing in this pic. They can go shove it. They can’t even comprehend the number of moms that, like I was, are so depressed and barely functional that they come to a pediatrician’s office in PJ bottoms, t-shirt, flip-flops or house shoes and a bandana. You are VERY busy, the little one looks like they aren’t a year old yet and your body might feel weird. You are doing what makes you feel good!”

Poor Audrey is always getting hate for silly reasons (though her outfit might have been the silliest). Just two weeks earlier, fans gave her a hard time for putting packages of baby wipes on Ember for a photo. Time and time again, Audrey stays strong and laughs it off. You go, girl!

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