Being new parents can be hard, especially when it comes to trying to find alone time together! Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff welcomed their first child Ember almost two months ago, and they haven’t had a moment alone since. That is, until Oct. 31! Audrey was thrilled to finally have a night out with her hubby after doting on her baby girl 24/7, and she celebrated with a sweet photo on Instagram.

“We finally went on our first date since having Ember ?,” she wrote in the caption of a pic of them beaming in the car together. However, even though Audrey desperately wanted a date night doesn’t mean it’s easy to be separated from your child for the first time. “To be honest it was bittersweet leaving Ember for the evening,” she admitted. “I held back tears as we drove off in the Jer’s orange 1971 BMW with no car seat in the back.

“But at the same time it was refreshing to spend some much needed quality time just the two of us,” she continued. “It was a flash back to our first year of marriage because that orange BMW was Jer’s daily driver when we lived in Los Angeles.” So how did they spend their first date night? Rocking out at a concert for NeedToBreathe, a Christian rock band! “We had so much fun,” gushed Audrey. “(I did the math and it’s now my ninth time seeing them in concert).”

The hardest part of being new parents is staying in touch with your friends, but the Roloff’s got to do that, too! “We got to reconnect with our friends @drsethbolt and @toribolt over the last couple days,” Audrey explained. “Life giving on so many levels. Even though we are on opposite coasts, they will always be kindred spirits and iron sharpening friends.” Hopefully it’ll get easier and easier for these two to go out together from now on!

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