Keeping it real. Little People, Big World alum Audrey Roloff took to Instagram with a “vulnerable” message on June 25, revealing that she and Jeremy Roloff have recently been going through some tough times with their marriage. The reality star said it’s not as picture-perfect as it may look.

“We have been working through some things and let’s just say there has been a lot of ‘heated fellowship,’ morning hugs missed, and date nights postponed,” the mother-of-one, 27, confessed.

“We are overworked and exhausted from the pace we’ve been running for too long. We know we need to slow down,” she continued, addressing how they “keep running, keep pushing, keep producing and keep squeezing all the margin out of our lives.” Audrey admitted that it’s costing them their happiness and also putting a wedge in their relationship, but they are not giving up.

Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Roloff Stand On Train Tracks
Courtesy of Audrey Mirabella Roloff/Instagram

The TLC alum also revealed that even though it looks like they have it “all together” on social media, they are just like any other couple. “We fight, struggle, cry, and face challenges just like anyone,” she wrote. “I’m saying this here because if you look at my Instagram feed from the past 3 weeks you don’t see the long tearful conversations, the hurtful remarks, the compiling complaints, the critical spirits, the prideful inner dialogue, or our unloving and disrespectful attitudes.”

⁣⁣Audrey revealed another secret behind the photo she shared, saying that she actually cried moments after the snap was taken. The author said that she and Jeremy also found a trestle that evening, which forced them both to smile amid their hardships. Her final message was about everyone’s “highlight real” portrayed on Instagram. The former LPBW star noted how people often don’t publicize their hardships the way they do their glorious moments, and she reminded all of her followers to not feel any less about themselves because they are comparing their lives to others.

“I just want to remind ya, you are enough,” she concluded. “You are beautifully and wonderfully made. And you are loved.” Ain’t it the truth!

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