The cover star for Vogue magazine’s August issue is none other than the dangerous woman herself. Despite the gorgeous photo, Ariana Grande is taking the heat for her use of bronzer in this summer’s periodical.

The outlet unveiled its cover to Instagram on Tuesday, where now it has received 520,000 likes and counting. As a proud cover girl, Ari, 26, shared the image to her personal account where fans were shocked to see the pop star with more melanin than usual. “U look just like black people smh,” wrote one user. Commenters were quick to point out her darker complexion and accuse the star of wearing blackface. One fan wrote, “Listen I think you look gorgeous. However, I think the tan is borderline impersonation and the black hair instead of your natural Brown is a no no.”

Ariana Grande Too Tan Negative

Although many people were quick to attack the “7 rings” singer, other fans came to her defense. Fans stated that her Italian roots are to blame for her exotic skin tone and one can’t be penalized for tanning easily. “A girl Can’t even be tan w/o folks complaining,” commented a fan.  Another said, “ummmmmm. She is Italian and also she was born and raised in the SOUTH where LOTS I MEAN LOTS OF ITALIAN people have tan and olive skin. (Florida at that) Dang, people so sensitive these days. And I’m black sooooooo I don’t see a problem with it.”

Ariana Grande Too Tan Positive

If you ask us, the real star of the Vogue shoot was Ari’s dog, Toulouse. We mean, look at his puppy dog smize!

Ariana Grande Too Tan Dog

In the issue, the pint-sized dynamo talks about her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller’s death and her brief engagement to Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson. After Mac passed and her engagement ended, Ariana turned to music to ease her sadness.

“But if I’m completely honest, I don’t remember those months of my life because I was (a) so drunk and (b) so sad,” she told Vogue.


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