After news of Josh Duggar‘s molestation and infidelity scandals broke in 2015, many fans weren’t too shocked to hear that his wife Anna was sticking by his side, as divorcing would go against their religion. And while the couple has continued to put on a united front, welcoming their fifth child this past September, a reddit user who goes by annalove178 claims that in reality, Anna is “miserable.”

The user started a thread on the website, writing, “I live in Springdale and my uncle and aunt go to the same home church as the Duggars. They’ve attended my church multiple times and I’ve hung out with them at family camps and home school retreats a lot. There seems to be a huge misconception that they’re insane (I grew up around this so my definition is probably different than yours) but if you have any questions I can try to clear anything up to the best of my ability.” The user was later “verified” by reddit’s moderators, bringing legitimacy to the claims.

Needless to say, the questions flooded in, with fans asking for details about Jessa, the babies, and of course, Josh and Anna’s marriage. When one fan asked if the family seemed “happy,” the user replied, “Honestly, yes, the only one who seems like she’s miserable is Anna. And as someone who has met Josh multiple times, he’s not someone who seems like he’d be a whole lot of fun to be married too.”

The Duggar insider continued, “He just stares at every girl he meets like she is an object for him to do something with. Most of the Duggar boys are very respectful and are good at keeping their eyes up — Josh never has been, and I know he was reprimanded a lot for his wandering eyes as a kid.”

Despite all of the drama that Josh has caused, he hasn’t been shut out from anyone, and the family has apparently moved past the scandal. “They made an entire testimony about how it brought their family closer together,” annalove178 shared. “They seemed sad about it for about a year, but now they seem to have carried on life per normal.”

“Josh is working at a car lot and I’m not sure if him or John David actually owns it. Anna is raising a herd of children like most women around here,” added the insider. “The family doesn’t seem to have distanced themselves from Josh. There’s a lot of blame that falls on the women in theses situations and I don’t think that the Duggars completely blame Josh for what happened. I’m sure they’ve come up with some idea that Anna wasn’t being a good wife.”

Hungry fans also asked annalove178 to elaborate on how Anna has changed since the scandal went public. “When they first got married she was really cool to be around, she loved being married. I don’t know if she’s unhappy about being married to Josh at this point, but I feel bad for her because wherever she goes someone asks her why she hasn’t left him and she gets a lot of judgmental stares,” she explained. “I think it would be hard to go from one of the most popular couples to the one that’s kind of been shunned by the public. She only ever seems happy when she’s with her kids.” The Duggars have yet to comment on annalove178’s words.

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