Things post-divorce are panning out to be trickier than Angelina Jolie may have thought. In the wake of her devastating split from her husband of three years, Brad Pitt, Angelina’s house — which she shares with her six children — has become chaotic, In Touch has exclusively learned. With organization and upkeep never being Angelina’s strong suit, things are more out of sorts in the Jolie-Pitt home than ever.

Angelina recently bought a massive estate in Los Angele’s Los Feliz neighborhood. When she, Maddox, 16, Pax, 13, Zahara, 12, Shiloh, 11, and nine-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne moved into the California mansion, mama Jolie promised the kids “they could all decorate their rooms,” a family insider reveals to In Touch. Recently, Angelina admitted that, “[Decorating] was always Brad’s thing.”

The result of Angelina’s lack of interest in decorating and lax attitude is trashed rooms and no rules. “[It’s] a cross between a trashed frat house and a DayGlo-covered rave club,” the source reveals.

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Chaos ensues as the Jolie-Pitts try to make their way through an airport.
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“It’s a house of horrors,” the source continues. Despite the mansion boasting six bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, and questionable decor, it’s the kids’ reign over the place that’s really adding fuel to the fire. It’s a move that’s characteristic of Angelina’s carefree parenting style but one that also seems to be backfiring. But the chaos isn’t just happening behind closed doors. Earlier this summer, Shiloh and Vivienne Jolie-Pitt were spotted walking barefoot through a Target parking lot looking very unkept.

Another source, close to Brad, insists that Angelina is feeling “overwhelmed” in LA, despite Brad only living a few blocks away. “Angelina has lost control. It’s shocking what goes on in this house,” the family source continues.

With so much going on post-divorce, an insider close to Angelina reveals the Oscar winner is having a difficult time finding her happiness. “Overall, it’s a desperately lonely, difficult existence for Angelina right now,” the source tells In Touch.

The family insider reveals that the kids’ decor weapon of choice is a handful of crayons. “They express themselves by scribbling and coloring on the walls,” the source explains. This destruction-slash-artistry is nothing new. After all, Angelina famously allowed her children to decorate her 2014 wedding gown and their $60 million estate in France was reportedly wrecked with the damage done when children wield crayons. The Brad source says, “Crews came in to repair the damage. So the next time they came back, it would be in pristine condition.”

This time around, however, Angelina doesn’t have the luxury of a clean-up crew. “Food and water fights and soccer games inside the house remain the norm,” the family insider reveals. The single mom of six is certainly in over her head, according to family sources. “Angelina has no clue what she is doing. There are absolutely no rules,” the source alleges.

And with “no rules,” comes no bedtimes. In the Jolie household, bedtimes simply don’t exist. “It’s not uncommon for all of the kids to be up past midnight during the week, eating sugary snacks and soda,” the Brad source says. “They go to bed very, very late and end up sleeping in very late the next day.”

But bedtimes aren’t the only way the children let loose. “The kids delight in letting loose their collection of animals — a number of dogs, cats, hamsters, snakes,” the family insider continues. And no visitor is safe — not even one employed by mom! “The kids have been openly defiant and unmanageable when it comes to tutors and nannies,” the Brad source concurs. “The nannies have no control when it comes to the kids. They pretty much run them. It’s a case of lunatics taking over the asylum.”

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Angelina with sons Maddox and Pax. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

So in the wake of splitting up from her longtime partner, how is Angelina handling the changes of becoming a single mom? Close sources say, not well. “Although she’s maternal, as much as she wants to be, Angie’s not good at being a homemaker,” the Angelina insider says. “She can barely get breakfast on the table.”

“Juggling basic caregiving and daily schedules that include playdates, doctor’s appointments, and organizing meal times for her brood is all too much to her,” the source continues. It’s a weakness even Angie herself has admitted to.

“Sometimes maybe it appears I am pulling it all together,” Angelina said in a recent interview, “but really I am just trying to get through my days… I’m not as strong inside as I have been int he past. I don’t enjoy being single. It’s not something I wanted.”

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