Amy King (née Duggar) clapped back to the backlash she faced online after she asked her son, Daxton, to “obey” her after he attempted to use scissors to trim the family pet. 

“Gentle parenting is why there’s wine in the fridge!” the former TLC alum, 36, shared via Instagram on Friday, June 30, as she attached a video of her taking a pair of scissors away from her son, 3. “He now has paper to cut at the table supervised. I could tell he wanted to use the scissors then ran off.”

In the clip, Amy asked the toddler to “hand them to mommy and obey.” The Counting On alum emphasized “gentle parenting” as she said yelling doesn’t do anything but “harm them.” 

“But by talking effectively and communicating with him, he understood,” she continued in the caption. “We can use the scissors of course! Just not on the cat.” 

Users in the comment section agreed with her parenting style, however, took issue with her word choice.

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Courtesy of Amy King/Instagram

“I don’t like this new parenting of telling your child to ‘obey’ … Can we use another word that’s better?” someone wrote in the comment section. Meanwhile, another added, “I love your parenting but not the obey part.” 

Amy directly clapped back, saying, “Kids need grace to mess up and learn!” 

“Besides I don’t want him [to] learn ‘instant obedience’ like the IBLP does,” she continued. “I want him to ask questions and learn knowing mom and dad are trying to protect him only.” 

Others took issue with the mom of one “enforcing the ‘mommy wine’ culture.”

“Being after a long day, it’s OK to have a glass and relax and recharge for another amazing day with your kids,” she shot back in the comments. “I never said I drink in an excessive amount but c’mon, having a glass of Moscato is nothing I’ll be ashamed of,” adding the hashtag, “Jesus drank wine.”

The infamous cousin of the Duggars is known for her clap backs, even toward her own family and their religious affiliation, IBLP, Institute in Basic Life Principles. Following the release of the Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets docuseries in June 2023, Amy revealed she’s estranged from her family.

“We talk to the ones that are out of IBLP and the ones that are healing,” Amy said during the Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets aftershow, which was shared via YouTube on June 21. “As far as everyone else, no.”

She continued, “That’s fine, that’s okay. You know, maybe they don’t see it yet, and they don’t see the truth or maybe they don’t wanna see the truth,” adding that none of the Duggars have reached out to her since the series premiered.  

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