Anybody else just get flashbacks to that time Amy Duggar accidentally posted a NSFW photo of her self in the bath? While the occasional Counting On star has been celebrating her babymoon in Florida with husband Dillon King, she’s been happy to share photos showing all kinds of skin. In an Instagram Boomerang she took on the beach on Monday, July 15, however, fans thought that they’d gotten more than they’d bargained for when it looked like she was naked. However, it quickly became clear that the star was actually wearing a swimsuit — but it just got blocked out by her ever-growing baby bump.

We couldn’t help but LOL when we realized that the star’s Instagram Story was just a totally normal photo, but at first glance it seems seriously racy. Though Amy, 32, never stuck to the same modesty standards her cousins were raised by, it would also be pretty surprising for her to publicly post about hitting up a nude beach. Instead, it’s clear she’s simply relaxing on the sand, wiggling her toes while watching the waves. TBH, it looks like paradise — and Amy clearly thinks so, too. “Happy,” she simply captioned the photo.

Amy Duggar Posts Photo of Her Legs and Baby Bump on the Beach
Courtesy of Amy Duggar/Instagram

Dillon, 30, and his wife revealed on Sunday, July 14 that they were heading down to the Sunshine State for a little R&R. “I was born in the millennial generation where ‘babymoons’ were invented. So here we go,” the dad-to-be joked on his Instagram. “FL here we come! Babe. I can’t wait to see you rock a bikini.” While Amy’s been soaking up the sun, Dillon’s posted on his Stories about playing around with drones, using one to take some seriously stunning footage of the shore.

Though her husband posted that they were “taking care of business and pleasure” while down south — and we wonder if that business has anything to do with 3130 Clothing’s expansion plans — it seems like Amy’s not sweating that kind of stuff. “[Our] first day was just what we needed!” she shared on her Instagram Story, posting a photo of her man holding her baby as he kissed her cheek. On the morning of Tuesday, July 16, she added, “I spy my plans for the day!” as she looked out at the water.

Amy Duggar Posts Photo of Her and Dillon at the Beach As Well As Beach Photo
Courtesy of Amy Duggar/Instagram

We hope she has a blast. She deserves it after all those sleepless nights. Recently, she joked that Baby King has been going “all Kung Fu Panda on mom’s bladder” in the middle of the night. “Real life conversations at 3 a.m.,” she joked on Instagram. “Him: Why can’t you sleep? Me: Ummm, he’s tap dancing on my cage. Him: So?? Babe, just go to sleep … Me: I CAN’T!!! Him: But whyyyy??? Me: Ughhhh.” Though she admitted that she already loves her “little ninja kicking machine,” we’re sure she’s hoping he gives her a break. Let a girl lay down for a few uninterrupted hours at the beach, won’t you, Baby King?

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