Forget what you heard — 90 Day Fiancé star Aleksandra Iarovikova is putting those pesky paternity rumors to rest! Last year, the Russia native quit social media when rumors started swirling that she was cheating on Josh Strobel. Fans claimed that her daughter, Kaya, looked different from her partner, but now she’s taking a stand against the haters. See what she had to say by watching the video below!

The Season 3 alum quit social media last summer after she posted a photo of her daughter — who fans claimed looked clearly biracial. Adding fuel to the fire are photos of her BFF and travel buddy, who she’s vacationed with in the past. However, she insists he’s “like a brother to her.”

Aleksandra insisted that Kaya got most of her traits from her grandparents. What many fans may not realize is that her biological father is Cuban with dark skin. Still, some people aren’t convinced. In April, one fan wrote on social media, “She showed her once, and then deleted the picture. The baby looks quite biracial. She claims that her own real father is Cuban and that’s why her baby looks like this.” Another suspicious fan added, “It’s simple genetics. I see neither Josh nor Alexandra having curly hair. Their daughter just does not look like her parents.” Now, the only photo she has of Kaya on social media is in black and white — clearly for a reason.

aleksandra iarovikova and a friend

Aleksandra Iarovikova and her alleged “friend.”

Yet regardless of what people have been saying, Aleksandra isn’t phased. On her Facebook page, she wrote, “Ruin your happiness, not mine. You can say anything you want, but it will not make you right. As I said before, you have a right to not believe, but you will not change anything. What else are you trying to prove here??” Preach!