Fans of Discovery channel's hit reality TV series Alaskan Bush People tune in to learn about how the Brown family lives their lives and raises their children off the grid, deep in the woods of Alaska. But there's one thing that has become a bit of a distraction on the series — people can't quite figure out the family's accent!

To make matters more confusing, Rain Brown — the family's youngest daughter — posted a video on Facebook earlier this week, and now many are wondering why her accent suddenly disappeared. “Where's the Bush accent???” one person wrote. “I actually understood what she said… are the TV 'accents' fake, too?”

Recently, people have started questioning how honest the family is with depicting their lives. Do the Browns really live in isolation in the middle of Alaska, or is the entire show fake? The family, who live out in an isolated part of Alaska, are known to shun modern society in preference for a simple life in "the bush." But according to several sources — including locals who know the family and fans with savvy investigation skills — some pretty surprising lies have been uncovered about the Browns and their story, like the fact that they stay in in cushy lodgings when they're not filming. According to Radar Online, locals in Hoonah, AK have spotted the family at Icy Strait Lodge. The family is so comfortable there, oldest son Matt Brown is often seen hanging out at the lodging's bar.

Possible fakery aside, many members of the family have denied having an accent. “We never realized that anybody in the family had an accent,” Brown family patriarch Billy Brown said in his confessional. “We didn’t realize it at all — I don’t guess we heard it, and then all of a sudden, everybody’s talking about ‘their accents.’”

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“I don’t hear anyone in my family to have an accent,” Bear, 25, said. A voice-over explained that there is no clear answer as to where the accent originated, and the Browns only became aware of their accent after the show premiered back in 2014 and fans started commenting on it online.

People have said that the accent has a little bit of an old-fashioned sound to it, and they’ve also pointed out that only Billy and Ami’s children have the accent — as Billy and Ami have more southern accents which can be credited to their Texas upbringing. Yet many are convinced that the Brown children have an accent that is only derivative of their family since they all grew up isolated in the wilderness. Other fans think that the accent is actually a speech impediment that has been passed down from the oldest child to the youngest and has not been addressed by medical professionals because of the family's way of life.

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