YouTube’s ACE Family channel star Austin McBroom was the subject of a YouTube video by makeup artist Cole Carrigan on Monday, October 15, where he was accused of sexual assault. Now, the video star has responded to the allegations on Twitter and denied any wrongdoing.

“If you have not heard, I have recently been a victim of extortion, defamation and slander,” he began in a screencap of a long statement. “I knew this was a cold world but never did I foresee something this disturbing upon me. Thank you to all of my ACE Family members for all of your concerns and thank you to those who know my character and my heart. I don’t wish this upon anyone and I can only hope that those responsible for this learn from their mistakes and become better people. My family and I dealing with this matter privately and taking legal action. Bullying, extortion, slander and defamation of character is something I will not stand for and I can promise that justice will be served.”

Carrigan accused McBroom of taking advantage of a close friend of his whom he said was allegedly forced to sign a nondisclosure agreement. However, McBroom also shared a message from the woman who said she was a second individual in the video in question who said McBroom was “not to blame” and that he “did not rape me or anyone.”

Austin McBroom Denies Cheating Assault Claims

McBroom is the husband and father in the couple that runs ACE Family, an extremely popular YouTube channel. His partner is Catherine Paiz who is on the channel as well. They have two daughters and the channel — which boasts 17.7 million subscribers as of October 15 — chronicles the family’s life together. The family is also notably friends with Kylie Jenner, who helped them reveal the gender of their second child.

Just a day earlier, Paiz shared what she implied was a false conversation — that was seemingly unconnected to this case — between herself and another person and included a caption that signaled she and her partner are going strong. “I don’t know who’s worse? The person who photoshops conversations OR the people who believe it? NEXT. Can’t break us, ever,” she wrote. What do you think of the situation?

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