TLC reality show Three Wives, One Husband focuses on the fundamentalist Mormon families of Rockland Ranch, a polygamist community built into the side of a Utah cliff. And boy, is drama rocking the Rock! Abel Morrison and his sister wives, for example, are considering adding two more marriages to their plural life. Here are all the details you gotta know about Abel and the ladies in his life.

Abel’s first wife arranged his second and third marriages

Abel met his first wife, Suzie, when they were teens. They both had grown up in polygamous families and were both interested in continuing the tradition. “I didn’t want to marry anyone who did not care to live plural marriage,” Suzie told The Telegraph in 2017. So, after a year and a half of marriage, Suzie suggested that Abel marry her friend Beth; and years later, she encouraged him to marry Marina, who was just 18 at the time.

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Marina has to stay up late on nights when Abel and Suzie have sex

As The Telegraph revealed, Marina doesn’t go to bed until after 1 a.m. every third night. Otherwise, she’d hear Abel and Suzie having sex since Suzie’s bedroom is right above hers. “It’s a real struggle for me,” she admitted. “But I’m trying to overcome my insecurity and move forward.”

Marina also confessed that she has dealt with jealousy for her entire marriage to Abel. “The first year was hell,” she said. “I wasn’t able to have that newlywed time with him, and I was really young. I had all these emotions and I didn’t know how to process the stuff I was going through … I would text Abel while he was on his regular date night with Beth or Suzie, and that would cause problems. I really regret that now, but I couldn’t grasp how he could love me equally when he was already loving two other women.”

Abel’s brother Jim’s dying wish was for Abel to marry Jim’s two wives

Because Three Wives, One Husband aired in the United Kingdom a year ago, we already knew about some of the drama on the show. For example, we knew that the Morrison family was contemplating the addition of two more sister wives: the widows of Abel’s brother Jim.

“A few months before Jim, died he called me up and he had a special request,” Abel says on the show. “He wanted to know whether I would consider taking his wives and his family into my family, taking care of them, and marrying Melinda and Annazela.”

First wife Suzie is onboard with the idea, as we see on the reality series, but second wife Beth is not. “Marina just married Abe three years ago, and we’re all still adjusting to that,” Beth said. “Now all of a sudden, we may have to adjust to Mel and Annazela joining the family, as well as their kids, and the thought of how our lives would change is overwhelming.”

Polygamy problems, right? See how the Morrison family contends with these changes when Three Wives, One Husband airs on Sundays at 10 p.m. ET. on TLC.

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