90 Day Fiancé star Mary Rosa admitted that she is “not ready” to get intimate with her boyfriend, Brandan De Nucciõ, on their first night together in her grandparents’ house.

“Normally we’d be on the phone right now, not, like, this close on a bed,” Brandan, 23, told Mary, 23, in a teaser clip for the Monday, July 31, episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, which was shared by People. “When I asked your grandparents for permission to use the room with you, they were like, you know, ‘No funny business.’ So, um….”

While Brandan was already on edge about having Mary’s grandparents so close, the mood became even more uncomfortable when the couple spotted a gecko in the room.

“I don’t wanna come off as, like, rude or disrespectful,” Brandan said. “But, um, do you by any chance foresee the night changing?”

Mary admitted she wasn’t on the same page and said they shouldn’t get intimate because they were both “tired.” She then added, “I think I’m not ready yet.”

“That’s understandable,” Brandan responded. “I don’t wanna force you. Got it.”

Mary further explained her feelings in a confessional. “I know we were having a lot of intimacy on the phone. But it’s different that he’s here now in person, and it’s a big deal to me,” the TLC personality said. “Just today, it’s my first time [having] me and Brandan in the same bed, first time kissing Brandan, all our first times.”

The Philippines native chose to not share another factor with Brandan, which is that her grandparents expect her to wait until marriage to have sex. “That’s a lot of pressure,” she said.

During the July 24 episode, viewers watched Mary’s grandparents, Lucia and Dionesio, set guidelines for her and Brandan before the Oregon native started living with the family.

“When Brandan comes, you should love each other, don’t fight with each other,” Lucia, who previously expressed concerns about the couple’s intense fights in the past, said. Dionesio added, “And he needs to respect us so that we know if he loves you or not.”

Dionesio then detailed what he will be “OK with” when it comes to their physical contact. “For example, don’t do it with him,” he said.

 '90 Day Fiance' Star Mary Is 'Not Ready' to Get Intimate With Brandan on Their 1st Night Together

Mary reacted to the rules in a confessional and admitted she struggled with her desire to express her affection for Brandan physically after spending the first two years of their relationship long-distance.

“I have been waiting for two years to hold his hand and know how it feels like to touch his hair and hug him. I always respect my grandparents. But I don’t want to tell Brandan we can’t do anything without their permission,” Mary said. “I just want it to be natural when I [meet] him for the first time. I don’t know what to do.”

Since making their reality TV debut, Brandan and Mary have sparked concern about their codependent relationship, trust issues and intense fights. To find out if Brandan and Mary end up getting married or not, click here for In Touch‘s exclusive spoilers.

Fans can watch Brandan and Mary’s relationship unfold when 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way airs on TLC on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET.

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