Side-by-Side Photos of Larissa Dos Santos Lima and Colt Johnson
Courtesy Larissa Dos Santos Lima/Instagram; Courtesy Colt Johnson/Instagram

She may not be able to mention her ex-husband by name, but that doesn’t mean Larissa Dos Santos Lima won’t call Colt Johnson out. In a scathing new Instagram Story, the 90 Day Fiancé star told her ex to “go to hell already” after he spoke out about where they stand today. Bringing up their money issues, she claims they were only ever in contact because of their 2019 taxes.

After she saw what Colt, 35, said to Us Weekly, Larissa, 33, shared her own statement on Thursday, July 30. “Everyone knows that my ex and I have a divorce agreement in which we are not to mention one another by name on anything. That [imbecile] ex of mine knows that I cannot stomach him. The bastard put me on his taxes for 2019 without my knowledge, so I had to call him when doing my taxes. The IRS required information from the [imbecile].”

90 Day Fiance Star Larissa Dos Santos Lima Slams Ex-Husband Colt Johnson For Talking About Her
Courtesy Larissa Dos Santos Lima/Instagram

The Happily Ever After star explained she was able to fix her own taxes, but she had to reach out to the Las Vegas native for the right information. “This is why I called him,” she said. “He promised to get me the information required and contact my boyfriend, not me, with it.”

Speaking directly to Colt, she continued, “Dear [imbecile], we do not have a good history in our pathetic marriage. Every time I think about [us] together, I want to puke. I never mention your name. I do not care about your home or love life. Just go to hell already, and leave me the f–k alone!”

The Brazil native was set off after seeing her ex-husband accuse her of not “trusting him” and using a fake number to reach out to him instead of contacting him from her personal phone. Without giving context for why they were talking, he told Us, “We just started arguing because she didn’t trust me with her phone number for some reason. I’m like, ‘Just treat me like an adult. Like, I’m your ex-husband, I’m fine being sociable with you,’ but we just had a fight and she hung up.” He also threw shade at her plastic surgery transformation, claiming she “literally looks like a different person.”

Larissa has been clear about her thoughts regarding her ex in recent weeks. During a July 5 episode of the TLC show, she warned his new girlfriend, Jess Caroline, that Colt is a “demon” who “changed” from a nice guy into a shady character during their marriage. In mid-July, she also accused him of setting up her new boyfriend, Eric Nichols, to seem like he hated her. Colt may be willing to be “sociable” with his ex, but the feeling is clearly not mutual.

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