Why did 90 Day Fiancé star Larissa Dos Santos Lima leave her kids in Brazil? After rumors about her past started swirling on social media, Larissa confirmed to In Touch that she does have two children from two previous relationships. Fans were shocked because Larissa didn’t mention or speak about her children on TLC’s hit reality TV series, and many are wondering why she chose to hide her past. But now, in a statement to In Touch, Larissa explained why she left her kids behind her home country of Brazil when she moved to the United States on a K-1 visa to marry her husband, Colt Johnson — and she slammed her second baby daddy, Marcos Hack in the process.

“Yes, I had a relationship before with Marcos Hack, we lived for 2 years together,” Larissa, 31, told In Touch. “When our son was a baby, I found out that Marcos was a crossdresser and bisexual, he was cheating on me with many other men. He broke my heart in many pieces back there, I got really depressed. I found myself unable to take care of our son and his sister adopted him.”

Larissa went on to further explain that her relationship with Marcos was anything but positive. She claimed that he had allegedly stolen money from his own brother and that he allegedly stole $20,000 from her credit cards. Because of that, Larissa’s credit was ruined and she was unable to find a job. “It is the reason I had to give my son to his sister,” Larissa told In Touch.

Her statement comes after Marcos took to Instagram to confirm their relationship and that they shared a son together. But Larissa thinks Marcos only spoke out publicly about their past for personal gain. “He is a loser, just a user looking for 15 minutes of fame,” she said.

90 day fiance larissa kids brazil

The 90 Day Fiancé star also confirmed that she has another child, and she explained why she refrained from mentioning her kids on the show. “I also have a daughter, from another relationship, who lives with my father and who I plan to bring to [the] United States one day when I am ready to take care of her,” she continued. “I was not talking about my kids because the show is90 Day Fiancé, it is not about my past or my children. I ask people to respect their privacy and I won’t talk about them ever again.”

In Touch reached out to Marcos about Larissa’s claims about him. In a statement translated from Portuguese to English, Marcos seemingly denied Larissa’s claims. “This person does not have the moral nor to speak of a stone, much less than a human being,” Marcos told In Touch.

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