He’s got a new boo! 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days star Jesse Meester returned to the franchise for season 4 of the spinoff, 90 Day Fiancé: What Now? During the Monday, May 4 episode of the TLC series, he shared an update on his love life and revealed the identity of his new girlfriend, Bianca Rose.

“I am now back in New York City. I’m here for meetings, [to] see my friends and tonight I have a blind date, which I’m really looking forward to,” Jesse, 26, said in his confessional. “My friends set it up. I’ve never done it before. In that regard, I’m a virgin.”

He explained that he had no idea what to expect from his date, and he only received “very little information” about her from his friends. “But I’m really looking forward to meeting her,” the Amsterdam native added.

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Jesse admitted he was nervous as he sat at a table at a cozy NYC restaurant waiting for his date to arrive. When she showed up, he stood up to shake her hand and give her a hug and a double-sided cheek kiss.

“I’m Bianca Rose, I’m 33, I’ve been living in New York now for 11 years,” the brunette beauty said in her confessional. “I’m a teacher and I’m looking for love.”

Bianca complimented Jesse before she sat down at their table and told him he was “very handsome.” When the waiter brought them their glasses of champagne, Jesse made a toast.

“I’m really excited to be sitting here with you and glad that our paths have crossed. Thank you for coming,” he told her. “Thank you, I’m glad to meet you,” Bianca said as they clinked their glasses.

In her confessional, Bianca said she was excited but also “kind of nervous” to be on the blind date with the 90 Day Fiancé star. “Dating in New York City sucks. I’m so used to disappointments, I’m so used to being ghosted. I just want to find someone who’s going to connect with me,” she added.

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During their date, Bianca and Jesse chatted about her work as a teacher and he revealed his mother is also a teacher. They also bonded about travel and growing up overseas — Bianca is originally from Israel. Jesse was upfront about whether he planned to stay in NYC after his apartment lease is up, and they made plans to see each other again later in the week.

“The first impression? Bianca is gorgeous. And the way she like, you know, presents herself with confidence, with grace,” Jesse gushed in his confessional. “She’s just very honest, she’s very open, she’s very transparent and authentic and real. I want to get to know her and see where this will take us. I’m really looking forward to seeing her again.”

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