She’s hitting back at the haters! 90 Day Fiancé star Paola Mayfield is not shy about sharing every aspect of motherhood with her social media followers, and on February 4, that included breastfeeding. She shared a photo featuring her son, Axel, breastfeeding on Instagram, and some troll commented, “Do you keep anything private?” Paola, 31, responded, “yes, my sex tape with my husband.” Ha!

Keep in mind, it’s safe to say Paola was probably joking. That’s definitely an epic response to throw back at someone judging an intimate moment the reality TV star decided to share, but the winky face she added at the end of the comment likely means it was probably just a great comeback. Although who knows? If Paola and Russ Mayfield do have a sex tape, frankly, that’s their business. Check out the comment below, and Paola’s amazing reply.

paola mayfield instagram comment


Other responses to the photo Paola shared were much more positive. She captioned the post, “My mornings … Axel and Mommy bonding #dontlikeitdontlook #breastfeeding #bondingwithbaby #breastfeedinginpublic #breastfeedingmom #breastfeedwithoutfear #normalizebreastfeeding.” And a lot of people commenting really appreciated that she was so open about sharing such a special moment with her fans and followers.

“A beautiful moment between mom and baby! 💕💕,” one person wrote. Another commented, “It’s 2018 people get over it. Breastfeeding is everywhere.” A lot of fans also congratulated her for breastfeeding and wished her good luck.

Paola seems very willing to share every moment of new motherhood with her followers — the good, the bad, and the ugly. On January 21, she revealed that she’s possibly dealing with postpartum depression after welcoming her son into the world. “I’ve been having a tough week, I’m not going to lie,” the reality star wrote. “I think I’m experiencing the baby blues after giving birth. ☹️ My only motivation is seeing my baby growing strong and healthy. I normally don’t like to open up this much on social media but at the same time, it’s good to open up and talk about it knowing this will pass soon!”

A lot of her followers reassured Paola that what she was feeling was not uncommon. And thankfully, it seems like she’s doing a little better! We can’t wait to see more updates on her beautiful little boy as long as she chooses to share them.


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