Fans of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days have been waiting on the edge of their seats for star Sean Hiler to break his silence after learning that his ex Abby St. Germain has a new boyfriend less than a month after their split. Well, on April 10, we got our response, but Sean is a lot calmer than we expected. “I don’t think anybody’s surprised,” he said in a live video with fans. “I’m not surprised. Here’s the way I look at it. Good luck to him, that’s what I have to say. Don’t be sorry, because I’m not sorry at all. I’m actually glad that she is now somebody else’s problem.”

Sean also hinted at the fact that Abby has some issues of her own, and that he was planning to dump her but she basically beat him to the punch. “There was a lot of stuff that went on for a very long period of time that I never mention because I’m not going to defame her on social media,” he continued. “I am free of her drama. I wanted to get away from her without coming across like an a–hole. Fortunately she did that for me by breaking up with me.”

One day earlier, Abby plastered her new relationship all over social media, saying that it was “beautiful, new, and exciting,” and that he’s “the man I have been waiting and looking for.” Sean doesn’t seem to care about all that. One thing he took issue with? Abby’s little dig at him in her comments section. She said that “[Sean is] a very good person! He just needs to stop making plans and actually start working on them.” “That’s coming from a 21-year-old who lives hand-to-mouth,” he responded. “Abby has no concept of what the word ‘plan’ means. She has no idea what planning is, she wouldn’t know a plan if it bit her in the butt. She thinks if something doesn’t happen right now then it’s never going to happen. That’s her problem. She wants everything now, and it is going to do nothing but cause her problems in the future.”

Sean did hint that something might be a little shady with Abby. “Maybe this new guy that she’s with is rich or something like that. She said he’s a business man and that’s fine, maybe he can support her. We’ll see what happens when she tries to get a Visa to come to the United States,” he teased. “We’ll leave that as that but I think she’ll have difficultiees with that.” It definitely seems like Sean is teasing some sort of legal issue for Abby, but it’s unclear what he’s referring to. At least he’s doing okay in the aftermath!

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