Are 90 Day Fiancé stars Ricky and Ximena still together? The brunette beauty joined Season 2 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days as Ricky’s second love interest after his first love interest, Melissa completed ghosted him, leaving him all alone in Medellín, Colombia. But Ricky had Ximena waiting on the back burner, and she traveled from her hometown in Villanueva to visit him. They seemed to fall for each other quickly, and Ricky planned to propose to Ximena with the ring he bought that was originally intended for Melissa. He decided to come clean to Ximena before popping the question — and Ximena was pissed.

Ricky planned a romantic couples’ getaway to Guatapé, Colombia where he planned to propose, and he set up a dinner for two with red rose petals and wine. But before he got down on one knee, Ricky decided to tell Ximena the truth about why he traveled to Colombia in the first place.

“Listen, I do love you. Remember that. Please remember that. But I have to tell you something, and what I have to tell you is something very difficult,” Ricky said. “When I was on the website Colombian Cupid in the beginning, I was talking to a person and the person’s name is Melissa.”

Earlier in the season, Ricky said that he accidentally called Ximena “Melissa” during their first night together. Ximena remembered the other day when Ricky called her Melissa, and it started to all make sense to her.

“Let me explain. I was in love with her but that was before you. [I] talked to Melissa and you at the same time,” Ricky said. Ximena asked if that was the reason why Ricky traveled to the city of Medellín and not her city of Villanueva, and he said yes because that is where Melissa lives.  

“I don’t think you and I have anything else to talk about,” Ximena said with a laugh as tears welled in her eyes. “You have balls. Why didn’t you go out with Melissa instead of with me?” she asked, and Ricky told her only part of the truth. “We didn’t have chemistry,” he said.

But the whole truth is that while they didn’t hit it off after their first date, Ricky was still into Melissa but she ghosted him and blew him off. After waiting for a whole day for Melissa to change her mind, he finally got the hint that she’s just not that into him and he moved on to Ximena, inviting her to Medellín to stay with him in his vacation rental.

“Melissa was distant with you, and then plan B, Ximena. Yes? That’s what happened?” Ximena asked Ricky. He flipped it on her, telling her that she had a right to be upset but that she should feel some type of way because it took courage for him to tell her the truth.  

“You know, I can’t believe that I only made myself [available] for you, that I made you out to be this amazing man because I thought you were different. That’s why I fell in love with you,” she said, choking on tears. “And you come to me with this, this bulls–t. F–k, stay with Melissa. I don’t give an a–.”

Ricky tried to tell Ximena that he didn’t care about Melissa — at least, not anymore — but Ximena wasn’t buying any of it. “I am no one’s second plate. I am no one’s second option. I want nothing to do with you,” she said before getting up from her chair and walking away.

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And judging by Ximena’s recent Instagram posts, it seems like she was really done with him after that night. Ximena hasn’t posted any photos of Ricky at all on Instagram — and it seems like she found a way to get to America without a man! Many of her recent photos are tagged in Florida, where she is currently studying English at a local college.

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