Fans are constantly wondering about their favorite couples from TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé, so much that the network decided to give viewers an update by revisiting them on the new series 90 Day Fiancé: What Now?. On this week’s episode, Season 3 couple Aleksandra Iarovikova, 22, and Josh Strobel, 24, made an appearance and they had some super exciting news to share — they’ve had a baby!

Josh gave a little refresher about how he met his wife. Their love story dates back to Josh’s days as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His travels led him to Prague, Czech Republic, which is where he met Aleks — who is from Russia but moved to Prague for school. But Mormon rules state that missionaries are not allowed to date while they are working for the church, so he had to wait one year until after his mission was over before he could ask her out.

Aleks was Josh’s complete opposite at the time — and she even worked as a go-go dancer. But she completely changed her lifestyle for Josh and she converted to Mormonism for him. She arrived in America on the K-1 Visa and the couple got married within the 90-day timeframe. Now they’ve been married for about two years and Aleks gave birth to their daughter Kaya in March 2016.

“There are a lot of talks on social media why we don’t show our daughter’s face,” Aleks said and Josh explained. “As a couple, we decided we wanna keep Kaya safe and not show her on [the] TV show or social media or even share a picture,” he said. “Just to protect her.”

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But recent events suggest otherwise. Shortly after she gave birth to her daughter — who was born prematurely — Aleks shared a photo of her baby girl but quickly deleted it after fans started questioning Kaya’s paternity because many of them claimed that the baby looked biracial with a darker skin tone and hair color than Josh.

The negativity got so bad that Aleks had to take a break from social media. “Just what makes you think that you know me and my life?” she wrote, addressing the trolls in an Instagram post back in June. “How dare you say something about me or Josh or our daughter? I’m so done with reading the same negative comments over and over again.”

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