No more bad blood. The entire Season 6 cast of TLC’s hit reality TV series 90 Day Fiancé popped off during the tell-all, and it seemed like everyone was ganging up on Larissa Dos Santos Lima and Colt Johnson. But things got particularly tense between Larissa and Colt and their fellow co-stars Jonathan Rivera and Fernanda Flores when they reignited their social media feud onstage. Now, in an exclusive interview with In Touch, Jonathan opened up about his relationship with Larissa now after that nasty confrontation, and he revealed who he remained friends with after the show.

“I would say I have a good relationship with everyone,” Jonathan, 32, exclusively revealed to In Touch. “I’ve talked to Asuelu, I’ve talked to Ashley, I’ve talked to Jay — all them are good people and everyone has their own issues and every relationship has its dilemmas. So I can only be here to support what everyone’s going through and they’ve reached out to me and let me know that they’re here to support me as well, so I’m thankful for those friendships.”

Jonathan and his co-star Asuelu Pulaa had a very sweet moment together during the tell-all after they bonded over their relationship with their families — Jonathan was estranged from his family and rarely visited even though they lived in the same country, and Asuelu loves his family and wished he could visit them more often after he moved from his home country of Samoa to the US.

“I thought that was really special. I could see he’s got just a tremendous heart and I shared a hug with him because it touched me — I saw that he was really missing, you know I have my family here, and he was missing his,” Jonathan told In Touch. “So I felt like I was taking my opportunity with my family for granted and since that day, literally since the day that happened, I’ve made much more of an effort to continue to be in my family’s life.”

Jonathan also explained why he reacted the way he did during a nasty fight with Colt and Larissa onstage. “During the tell-all, I was there to defend my wife. There were some comments that were made and I wanted to stand up for her and that was really what you saw,” Jonathan said. “Any sort of outburst, it was basically just defending her. I don’t condone her words, I don’t side with what she did say. However, that was my wife and I felt the obligation to stand up for her.”

The couples took turns taking jabs at each other back and forth until everyone walked off set. Looking back, Jonathan realized that he did regret saying some of the things that he said about Larissa and he revealed that they are in a good place now.

“I may have said some things that were out of the heat of the moment. And since then Larissa and I have repaired whatever it is that we had and that was just supporting my wife — there was no ill-will towards her,” Jonathan explained. “I don’t judge women by how they look. That’s not my role, that’s not how I react. You know, [at] the tell-all, they were 10 hours late. Everyone’s a little frustrated and it’s almost like they’re trying to get you riled up.”

With reporting by Diana Cooper.

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