Things may not have worked out between 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days star Cortney Reardanz and her Spanish model lover Antonio Millon, but that doesn’t mean she’s still lonely! The nearly 28-year-old Floridian took to her Insta Stories recently to dish about her new man, who many fans think is also her sugar daddy!

While Cortney is fairly private, she did open up about her new, unnamed man during a recent Insta Q&A. “My bf is Syrian, he was raised in Saudi, he was raised Muslim but is not religious anymore,” she said when a fan asked her how she felt about Islam. This piqued fans’ interest and lead to many more questions about him that she answered openly, but some of her answers made fans think he’s more of a sugar daddy than a boyfriend.

“I’ve been ‘living’ at my boyfriend’s. I told my parents I live at my bf’s, and my bf I live at my parents’, so I shouldn’t pay rent/bills anymore,” she wrote about her current living situation. When asked how she survives without working, part of her response said “sometimes my bf buys me gifts: clothes, makeup, hair, purse, etc.” When asked what attracted her to him, she said, “He has a great per$onality.” And when a fan asked if her man “knew she was looking for a sugar daddy,” she posted a pic with her dog, writing, “yes he knows me and Cody need a sugar daddy.”

However, it seems like all the money talk is just a bit of teasing. While she did “specify in her tinder profile [where they presumably met] that she was looking for a wealthy husband,” their connection seems to be much deeper than that. 


(Credit: Instagram Stories)

“I love that he is accepting, logical, metally/emotionally/financially stable, non-judgemental,” she wrote. “We have the same humor. He has been a huge part of my sanity and healing. He accepts me, encourages my growth, doesn’t try to control or change me.”

And how does he feel about all of the sugar daddy talk? “Relax, he loves my jokes,” she said. “I’m 28, he’s 33. He doesn’t provide for me and I don’t depend on him.” Although, from the little bit he saw of 90 Day Fiancé (he doesn’t watch the show and doesn’t have cable, though she’s shown him clips) he told his dog “look at mommy being thirsty on TV.”


(Credit: Instagram Stories)

Of course, the next question from fans was: are you guys getting married? “Right now I am not ready, maybe in a few years,” she said. However, her man clearly has a special place in her heart, because according to her, he helped her overcome depression. “So many deep conversations, laughs, encouragement, acceptance and love,” she said. “I am grateful for him.”

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