Congrats! 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days stars Gino Palazzolo and Jasmine Pineda are engaged. The Michigan native proposed on the Sunday, March 20 episode of the TLC series and fans are already wondering if the couple has gotten married yet since the show is filmed months in advance.

The episode picked up after Gino, 51, and Jasmine, 34, got into yet another explosive fight over his ex-girlfriend. The Panamanian beauty told Gino she still didn’t trust him so she went through his emails and found an itinerary for a 2015 trip to a Legoland theme park with his ex and her kids. Since Gino never told Jasmine that he went on a trip to Legoland with his ex, Jasmine felt he was hiding it from her. He explained that he forgot about their vacation and Jasmine apologized to him for overreacting, after which they reconciled.

The following day, Gino and Jasmine reconnected at a hot spring and they went for a romantic stroll in the rain once they returned to their resort. Gino tricked Jasmine and asked if he could take a picture of her before he popped the question.

“It’s been such an amazing day with Jasmine. I think the reality of almost losing each other yesterday has just made our bond even stronger,” he says in his confessional. “In my heart, I know that she is the one for me and I hope she feels the same way as I do.”

After snapping the photo, Jasmine turned away from him which is when he got down on one knee and opened the ring box. “Jasmine,” he said as she turned around and immediately smiled. “Ever since I met you on March 8, we’ve had such an amazing connection together, ever since that day. You make me feel very loved, I’ve never felt so loved before like you love me. And you make me the happiest man, so Jasmine, will you marry me?”

Jasmine replied, “Gino, of course, yes!” Her hands shook as he placed a diamond and gold engagement ring, which cost him $270 USD at a local jeweler in Panama, on her left ring finger.

90 day fiance are gino and jasmine still together
Courtesy of Gino Palazzolo/Instagram

“Getting married to Gino, I understand if it sounds crazy because yesterday we were at the verge of breaking up, but love isn’t logical and I’m not expecting it to be perfect,” the American literature teacher explained in her confessional. “I know that we are toxic sometimes but we are in love, I don’t want anybody else I just want him.”

In their joint confessional, Gino asked his bride-to-be if she liked the ring he picked out for her. “I mean, it’s a beautiful ring. I love it, I like it,” she said with a laugh. “But maybe because I know my fingers, they are so skinny. This is kind of big and I don’t’ know if it is a diamond or not.”

“To be honest, I am not an expert in diamonds. I just did it based off comparing it to other rings they had in the store and I thought it looked the best to me,” Gino explained. Jasmine added, “It screams Gino, this ring. That’s why I love it. It screams Gino.”

While Jasmine may not share Gino’s same taste in jewelry, the couple seemed excited to be taking the next step in their relationship together, which is filing for the K-1 visa so Jasmine can move to the United States. “I know there’s still a lot of work to do for me to bring Jasmine over to the U.S.A., but this is the first step in a long road,” Gino said in his confessional. “I’m glad that we are on that path together.”

Unfortunately, it looks like Gino and Jasmine have a long road ahead of them before they make it down the aisle. On average, the K-1 visa process takes about five to seven months from start to finish and many embassies have experienced delays amid the coronavirus pandemic. According to their social media activity, Gino and Jasmine appear to be in a long-distance engagement as they only share throwback photos of each other taken during their December 2020 visit.

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