Stay strong! Anfisa Arkhipchenko updated fans on how she’s doing after her husband Jorge Nava was sentenced to two and a half years behind bars. The 90 Day Fiancé star thanked everyone for their support during this extremely tough time on Sept. 13, noting how she “really needed” the kind words. Watch the video above to get more details!  

“Honestly, it feels like Jorge is not the only one serving his sentence, but I am too,” Anfisa said, while looking visibly emotional. “Now I literally have nobody here in the United States and I’ve just been trying to stay busy with school, going to the gym. I’m trying not to think about the whole situation.” Despite the pain she’s feeling, Anfisa is doing everything she can to be there for Jorge. The reality star, 23, addressed how some commenters were writing: “do the crime, do the time,” however she couldn’t help but feel his sentence was “excessive.”

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Happy wife, happy life. ❤️

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Jorge’s lawyer was able to get his class 2 felony charge reduced to a class 4 felony. However, the reality star reportedly still felt his sentencing was “harsh” because marijuana is legal in some states and also for medicinal purposes in Arizona, which happens to be where he was caught for allegedly trying to sell 293 pounds of weed. “If you do something wrong, you should be punished, but the punishment should be reasonable,” Anfisa said in her new video. She also said there’s a chance he could get eight months taken off his sentence. 

Anfisa even confessed that being apart from her husband for one day feels like forever, but she’s trying to stay positive. She said they were going to appeal originally, but the process would take a while and Jorge would likely end up with the same judge. “For me, it feels like the judge was trying to make an example of Jorge,” Anfisa said. After Jorge serves his time, he’ll reportedly get up to five months parole. “The plan right now is that Jorge is going to do whatever he can, whatever programs they have there in prison, to get out early.” 

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