Don’t go! Last month was the season finale of TLC’s reality TV series 7 Little Johnstons but fans are already begging for more. Season 3 wrapped up after only six episodes, and viewers are already wondering if the Johnston family — Amber, Trent, Jonah, Anna, Elizabeth, Alex, and Emma — will be returning to the network with Season 4.

Fans were given a glimmer of hope, though, when 7LJ official Twitter page wrote, “We hope so… gotta a whole lot more to share!! @TLC #unexpectedchanges #newbeginningsfor7LJ” after someone asked if they were coming back. Praying!

TLC has yet to announce a 7 Little Johnstons renewal and the cast’s Twitter post didn’t give away much, so it’s unclear if or when they will return to TV. But fans would definitely be upset if the show gets canceled, so they’re making sure their voices are heard. One fan wrote, “I will protest if they don’t bring you back! Absolutely LOVE your show and your family!” Another added, “YASS! Great news love y’all,” and a third chimed in, “Tonight was a prime example why this amazing family needs to have a longer season. Lessons so many can learn from.”

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The fans mentioned the difficult scene from the season finale where the family-of-seven set out for a fun day together at an amusement park and they were just walking from ride to ride when another group of what seemed to be children started calling them the “m” word, which is a derogatory slur for a little person. But instead of letting that put a damper on their trip, Trent and Amber used that as a teachable moment for their children.

“What you guys seen [sic] happen at the amusement park with Amber and I and the kids and the kids as an entire family was a prime example of bullying,” Trent said in a behind-the-scenes interview. and Amber added, “It was a perfect time to show the kids that there are times in our lives where we must step up and educate people, you explain to them, ‘Hey, midget is not a term we accept.'”

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