Casper smart transgender transsexual model affair

REPORT: Trouble Rises
For Jennifer Lopez and
Casper Smart, As
Another Transgender
Model Comes Forward
Claiming She Exchanged
Naughty Texts With the

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Just one week after news broke that Casper Smart, Jennifer Lopez’s 27-year-old boyfriend, allegedly exchanged messages and X-rated pictures with a transgender model Sofie Vissa, another transgender woman, Xristina Marie, has come forward with tales of a fling with the professional dancer.

Nik Richie, editor of the gossip site not only broke the initial story, but also claimed that Sofie wasn’t the only one receiving messages from Casper.

Sofie Vissa

“Xristina Marie also had inappropriate relations with Casper Smart,” he wrote.

“According to our source, the couple met in Miami and Casper Smart was 100-percent aware that Xristina is a transsexual.”

Did Casper Smart Exchange Naked Instagram Pictures and Sexts with Transgendered Woman?

Amidst all the drama, JLo has returned to her native New York—without Casper—as friends say their relationship is no longer salvageable.

"Jennifer has been embarrassed by him yet again,” a friend of the American Idol judge tells Radar.

“He was not invited to accompany her to New York… This relationship is all but over.”