Courtney love meth

Courtney Love: My
Weeklong Meth Binge

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Courtney Love has never held back her troubled past with drugs — but her latest confession is a doozy!

In the new issue of In Touch, the rock star exclusively reveals that she engaged in a weeklong meth binge in San Francisco during her teen years.

“In the early ‘80s, I hung out with street punks in San Francisco, and we did meth,” Courtney, 49, tells In Touch. “I did it for about a week and then I was like, ‘OK, enough.’”

Though she says she hasn’t touched the drug since, Courtney happily admits her current addiction to AMC’s Breaking Bad and details that she was intrigued by the show’s use of blue meth. “I’m completely obsessed,” she says. “It's like, wow, I've done all drugs except for blue meth … I don't think anyone wants to do meth.”

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