Brad pitt angelina jolie christmas

Brad Pitt and Angelina
Jolie's Over-The-Top
(and Pricey!)
Christmas Tree


Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and their brood are gearing up for Christmas — and they purchased a 20-foot Christmas tree to kick-start the holiday!

"Last year, they bought four [trees], but not this year — this year they wanted a Noble fir. It was over 20 feet tall,” a salesperson from Holiday Tree Farm in Los Feliz, Calif., tells In Touch about the famous fam’s selection. “They are always nice. Always very down-to-earth.”

So how much did they shell out? A salesperson priced the gigantic beauty at a whopping $600!

But that’s not all …

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There’s a flat rate delivery fee of $150, which means Brangie spent approximately $750 on their tree alone!

While Brad and Angelina took four of their six kids down the road to pick up last year’s tree, only two of their children accompanied the superstar couple to the farm this year.

If they’re willing to spend this much on a Christmas tree, we can’t even imagine what they’re going to put under it!