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5 Ways Kanye West May
Have Reacted to His
Daughter, North,
Peeing On Him During
Their ‘Vogue’ Photo

Kanye West knows a lot about taking risks in the name of the high-brow world of fashion—but we have a feeling he learned his lesson about being too risky after his Vogue photo shoot with wife Kim Kardashian!

The couple were posing with their young daughter, North, who was naked—as babies often are—on Kanye’s chest when the 10-month-old had an accident (well… it was either an accident, or she’s the most conniving and brilliantly evil infant of all time).

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“She peed on him right at that moment,” mama Kim told Seth Meyers. “He was trying to tell me and I couldn’t really hear him. And I had to get up and get her—clean her off, clean him off.”

While most of us—even Kim—found the humor in this situation… we can’t imagine Kanye was laughing about it. In fact, if we had to guess, his reactions probably went a little something like this…

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