Whoopi Goldberg is seriously lacking a support system. No, we’re not talking about her loved ones. We’re talking about a literal support system… Because the 59-year-old claims she hasn’t worn a bra in DECADES.

But, really, are we supposed to be surprised? This is the same woman whose stage name was inspired by her love of farting… So, she’s not exactly the poster child for being “lady-like” — and we love her for that!

whoopi goldberg, the view

Here’s a picture of five women and four bras…

She explained her disdain for over-the-shoulder boulder holders on ‘The View.’

“I haven’t worn a bra in 40 years,” she confessed. “I’ve always been uncomfortable in them. I could never find one that sat comfortably and it always killed me in the back. So I just stopped wearing them.”

If only solving all of our problems were that easy…

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In all seriousness, the comedienne has had her fair share of back problems. In January, she took a sabbatical from ‘The View’ because she suffered from a herniated disc — and if freeing her nipple boobies helps in any way, we say go for it. YOLO.

Come to think of it, we actually think Whoopi may be on to something here…

Can you think of anything more liberating than when you come home — after a long day at the office, a terrible commute, a bad date, etc. — and you take off your bra. It’s like instant relief! It can turn your whole day around!

Now imagine that ALL. THE. TIME!

whoopi goldberg

Is that a bra we see?!

We’re officially on board: Free your boobies. Free your body.

~FrEe YoUr MiNd~.

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