She’s the eldest Duggar sister, but she’s still living at home. Jana Duggar is single, and NOT ready to mingle, but Counting On fans are desperate to know why. We’ve heard everything from theories that she’s a prisoner, to rumors that she’s courting another girl, but reddit users shared even more ideas about why Jana Duggar isn’t married yet.

“What if she doesn’t actually want to be a mother at this point?” one user wrote. “She’s been raising her younger siblings so long, the thought of having her own and starting over could be exhausting.”

Another commented, “I’ve always wondered if she missed her window. I’d love to believe that she didn’t want to just get married and have tons of babies with whoever happens to ask her to court, but I think she just missed her chance. I think Jim Bob or Jana turned one interested party down and no one else asked and then she turned a certain age and she was deemed too old in their community.”

A third user suggested, “I feel like she’s watched all her other siblings choose the wrong partners and she wants to avoid doing that. I also feel like she’s single because she feels like she’d be obligated to have kids right away, and she probably doesn’t want kids considering how much she’s had to take care of the younger siblings.”

It’s true! Jana has been helping Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar raise the Duggar children all throughout her life. The now 28-year-old has been caring for most of her younger siblings since they were babies.

Recently, fans thought Jinger Duggar could have been subtly warning Jana about marriage in an Instagram post for her “Single Ladies.”

“You may be interested in reading a book I am going through with some of the other women from my church—She’s Got the Wrong Guy: Why Smart Women Settle by @deepakreju. Jeremy and I read it together and really enjoyed it ? || Search for it on Amazon!” Jinger wrote to fans.

According to Amazon, the book is about how “the nicest women pick guys who let them down.” The author, Deepak Reju, shares his perspective on “how to assess a relationship’s strengths from the beginning, how to identify possible pitfalls, and how to have the courage to not just settle, but to wait for a relationship that will be a blessing to both of you.” A couple of Counting On fans thought Jinger was sending Jana a message to never settle.

“She probably meant Jana the older sister that is single,” one user wrote. It’s still unclear if Jinger was actually watching out for her big sis, or simply just sharing a book recommendation. Either way, we’re wishing the best for you, Jana!

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