8 Psychological Reasons Women Love Disturbing Crime Stories So Much

I think we can all agree that true crime is having a moment, from its documentaries to its podcasts, the genre is bigger than ever. But strangely enough, it's mostly women who are doing all the consuming. According to a 2010 study, women just can't stop reading true crime novels about rape, serial killers, and other bloody, terrible things and are more likely to watch shows like Law and Order: SVU or Forensic Files or listen to podcasts like My Favorite Murder than men. But why? As an actual living, breathing woman, I decided to do some digging (with a little help from professors and psychologists) to figure out exactly why we ladies enjoy dark, macabre stories. And rest assured, — it's not because we secretly want to murder all the men (at least not entirely). Below, eight reasons why women can't get enough of true crime.

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