With drug lord Griselda Blanco‘s life story becoming a major hit as a Netflix miniseries starring ​Sofía Vergara, one of her few surviving lovers Charles Cosby is speaking out about how he survived an assassination attempt and what he thinks of the show, where he wasn’t featured.

When Did Griselda Blanco and Charles Cosby Start Dating?

Griselda was already serving a prison sentence following her 1985 arrest in Irvine, California, when Charles, a crack dealer from Oakland, California, began corresponding with her in 1991. She was more than 20 years older than him.

After he began visiting her in prison, Griselda made Charles part of her drug smuggling operation, which she was still running from behind bars.

“I was a millionaire 45 days after meeting her,” he revealed in the 2008 documentary Cocaine Cowboys 2.

During their first prison meeting, Griselda paid a guard $1,500 to take Charles to a storage room where they were intimate. “We had sex for around 15 or 20 minutes. It was far from romantic but she was my idol, so I just wanted to be with her,” he told The Sun in January 2024.

She also made sure the guards allowed her to dress up for his visits. “In the 300 times I saw her she was never in prison attire, always in designer clothing,” he explained to the outlet.

Why Did Griselda Blanco Try to Have Charles Cosby Killed?

Charles began cheating on Griselda with a woman on the outside about a year into their romance. He told Britain’s ITV This Morning in an interview on February 8, 2024, that she found out and ordered his assassination.

“She tried to have me killed because I cheated on her. She hired an investigator to track me who uncovered my web of lies and deceit and betrayal, so she tried to have me killed,” he explained.

“I was in my Corvette. I was about two miles from my mom’s house in California and two guys pulled up beside me in a Mustang and started shooting at me. Luckily, I was wearing a bulletproof vest and it absorbed four bullets,” he continued.

“When we spoke four days after the incident, she told me that she was in a jealous rage. Her thing was, she really didn’t like white woman, and I was dating a white woman … cheating on Griselda with a blonde haired, blue eyed white woman … so, it fueled her anger more,” Charles said of her motive.

“After that, I forgave her. She apologized and it was business as usual,” he revealed. However, the couple later broke up when she tried to choke him during a visit.

Charles came away a lucky man, as Griselda’s three husbands all died in assassinations allegedly by her command as her drug empire grew.

What Does Charles Think of Netflix’s ‘Griselda’?

“I had a chance to watch all six episodes. There is some fiction there but as far as Sofía Vergara, she nailed the role. She took on Griselda’s mannerisms and basically morphed into Griselda Blanco,” he told ITV, adding, “When I saw the series it was like I was looking at Griselda Blanco all over again.”

When Did Griselda Blanco Die?

She was deported back to her native Colombia in 2004 upon her release from prison. Griselda was gunned down by a man on a motorcycle in September 2012 while leaving a butcher shop in Medellin. She was 69 years old.

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