Jodi Arias became one of the most notorious criminals in the U.S. after she was convicted of killing her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander. Since then, true crime viewers recall that there were several documentaries and movies about her and her case. So, where is she now?

Keep reading to find out where Jodi Arias is now following her murder trial.

Did Jodi Arias Kill Her Boyfriend? 

In June 2008, Alexander was found dead in his Mesa, Arizona, home, having received 27 stab wounds, a gunshot to the head, and a slit throat. Friends found his body in the shower and called 911, mentioning Arias in the call as Alexander had told them she had allegedly been stalking him, slashed his car tires and hacked into his Facebook account. His death was ruled a homicide.  

In July 2008, Arias was indicted in Maricopa County, Arizona, for murder in the first degree and was arrested later that week. She pleaded not guilty.

Initially, Arias presented three different accounts of the murder in question. She first told police that she was not at the home when her ex-boyfriend was killed, before changing her story and claiming that two people broke into Alexander’s home and attacked both of them, murdering him in the end. However, she changed her statement yet again in 2010 by claiming that she killed her ex-boyfriend in self-defense. Her defense attorneys argued that Arias had been a victim of domestic abuse at the hands of Alexander throughout the course of their past relationship.

Where Is Jodi Arias Now? Update After Imprisonment, Trial
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In May 2013, the jury found Arias guilty of first-degree murder. Though her legal team filed for a mistrial that year, the jury was deadlocked in 2014. She later received a sentence in 2015 for life in prison.

Prior to her sentencing, Arias provided a statement, expressing her remorse for the crime.

“To this day, I can’t believe that I was capable of doing something that terrible,” she said, per CNN. “I’m truly disgusted and repulsed with myself. I’m horrified because of what I did, and I wish there was some way I could take it back.”

Where Is Jodi Arias Now?

Since receiving her sentence in 2015, Arias has been housed at the Arizona Department of Corrections at the Arizona State Prison Complex in Perryville, Arizona.

She is being held in a medium-low “custody class” security wing in the prison, according to People. While there, Arias has been working as a library aide since July 2018. Prior to this duty, she worked in the “store warehouse” from 2017 to 2018, the outlet reported.

In addition to serving her life sentence, Arias was ordered to pay $32,000 to Alexander’s family in order to cover the expenses of traveling for the trial. 

Is There a Jodi Arias Documentary?

After Arias’ widely viewed trial ended, several film adaptations and documentaries were released.

Peacock’s Jodi Arias: In Defense Of premiered in 2018. That year, the Jodi Arias: An American Murder Mystery documentary aired and is now streaming on Hulu and Discovery+.

Apart from the true crime docuseries, Arias’ crime and trial were depicted in the movies Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret and Bad Behind Bars: Jodi Arias.  

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