It’s been six years since Casey Anthony was found not guilty in the murder of daughter Caylee, but now new details have emerged from the case.

In an interview with LawNewz, Cheney Mason — one of Casey’s attorneys — revealed that his former client went into “Casey World” and blocked out the events surrounding her death.

“I believe that Casey’s mind, in some dimension, I guess the common word would say ‘snapped.'” Mason said. “She didn’t go sniveling crazy by any means, but blackout — completely a blackout — of what went on and what happened.”

“She didn’t know what she was doing or what she was saying,” he added.

According to Cheney, Casey didn’t fully grasp that her daughter had passed away until after the murder trial.

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Back in December 2008, authorities found the remains of Casey’s three-year-old daughter near her home, about five months after the little girl went missing. Much to the public’s surprise, Casey walks as a free woman today.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Casey said, “I understand the reasons people feel about me. I understand why people have the opinions that they do,” she said. “I’m still not even certain as I stand here today about what happened.”

These days, the “most hated women in America” is “bored” with her new life.

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“There are days that she’s bored out of her mind,” a source told People in May. “There’s nothing really to do. She doesn’t have a huge circle of friends, and the friends she has are all employed elsewhere, so she doesn’t see them 24/7. She binge-watches TV, plays around on the Internet, and doesn’t do much more than that. Frankly, it’s all pointless and aimless.”

The 31-year-old currently works as a researcher in South Florida with Patrick McKenna, a private detective who worked as the lead investigator on her 2011 trial.

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