It seems like there’s still tension. Welcome to Plathville star Olivia Plath seemed to throw a little shade towards her mother-in-law, Kim Plath, earlier this week in the comments of her recent Instagram post.

On Thursday, January 30, the wedding photographer shared a set of photos from one of her brides, and she compared the blonde beauty to Daenerys Targaryen from HBO’s hit TV series Game of Thrones. The drama went down in the comments section after a fan wrote, “Game of Thrones? Is that allowed? LOL. You do have an excellent eye.”

oliva plath chats with fans about game of thrones being 'allowed' in plath household

The fan’s question about whether the scripted series was “allowed” seems to be in reference to Kim’s strict rules for her family. On Season 1 of the family’s TLC reality TV series, Kim and her husband, Barry, explained that TV was one of the things they did not allow in their religious household. Throughout the season, Kim and Barry clashed with Olivia, who is married to the couple’s son, Ethan, because Ethan started to go against his parent’s conservative rules after he and Olivia tied the knot.

“Allowed by who? 😂,” Olivia responded to the fan. “Your mother-[in]-law. I’m sorry, I was only kidding,” the fan wrote back. “Ahahaha, I’m an adult and responsible for myself 😉✌🏼😂,” Olivia hit back, seemingly shading Kim and making it clear that she would not be following the Plath family rules.

olivia plath likes comment seemingly shading her mother in law, kim

Another fan joined the conversation. “Good thing Kim doesn’t watch it. She would be too inspired by Cersei 😂,” the fan wrote, making a joke about the GOT character who could be described as cruel, ruthless and would stop at nothing to become Queen.

As if Olivia’s previous shade wasn’t enough, she added a little more when she “liked” the fan’s comment that compared Kim to Cersei.

While fans watched the drama between Olivia and Kim play out on reality TV, Olivia started to get some backlash from viewers who felt she was the reason for the family’s tension. She received so many hateful comments and DMs from trolls that she decided to take a brief social media hiatus in December during the holidays, but returned to Instagram in early January.

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