Not you, Tom – At least, that’s Vince Vaughn’s new motto when it comes to the BetMGM Super Bowl 2024 commercial. Vince partnered up with the sports betting app alongside NFL great Tom Brady, but only to point out Tom isn’t allowed to bet using the app.

“BetMGM is for everyone that loves sports betting,” Vince, 53, says to the cameras. “Everyone … but Tom Brady.”

Tom, 46, who stands next to a window in an oceanfront home, clearly wasn’t let in on the plan.

“Wait, what did I do?” the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback asks, but Vince doesn’t hesitate to explain.

“The truth is, you’ve won too much, Tommy. Let others have their turn.”

Vince’s explanation opens up the floor to a myriad of questions from random people asking about their ability to make bets, including a tailgater, a woman who has a crush on Tom and even Tom’s old babysitter from when he was a kid.

Vince gives the greenlight to everyone, including Tom’s babysitter who asks if she can still bet even though the NFL alum was a “troublemaker.”

“Well, then you die with your secrets. No one likes a snitch,” Vince replies.

The Old School star then announces, “As long as you’re not Tom Brady, you’re in,” much to Tom’s annoyance.

The questions from other people continue until the camera cuts back to a very obvious Tom trying to fool Vince by wearing a cowboy hat and sunglasses while playing pool.

Vince Vaughn and Tom Brady seen chatting at the 2004 ESPY Awards.
KMazur / Getty Images

“What if I’m Tim Birdie, seven-time pool champion?” Tom asks.

Vince is clearly not fooled and gives audiences that classic Vince Vaughn exasperation by asking, “You already know the answer? Why ya putting us through it, with the clothes?”

But Tom brings up a good point by wondering why NHL legend Wayne Gretzky is allowed to use BetMGM, but the Swingers star dodges the question and tells “Tommy” to stop with the questions because he’s “chopping it up” with Wayne, 63.

“When Tom Brady signed on, we wanted to tap into his legacy and personality and tell a story that had never been told before,” Alex Zamiar, group creative director at ad agency Highdive, which created the ad, told People on January 27. “Tom wins at everything he does, so we found the idea of him not being able to win really funny. Luckily, he was game for making fun of himself and it went from there.”

However, it turns out that Tom’s pool skills were top-notch.

“When we shot the pool scenes Tom sunk almost every shot,” Alex said. “That guy really is good at everything, that’s why we think the commercial is so relatable, at least the rest of us can have something he can’t.”

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