It’s a question we’ve found ourselves asking countless times over the past few years: Where the heck is Vince Vaughn and what has he been doing with his life?

And now, we finally have answer. When the 44-year-old isn’t working as a stock image model (Google it — trust us, you won’t be disappointed), he’s been busy raising his two adorable children!

vince vaughn family

The little Vaughns — four-year-old daughter Lochlyn and one-year-old son Vernon — joined their mama (Vince’s wife of five years, Kyla) to support the ‘Unfinished Business’ actor as he was honored with a Handprint and Footprint Ceremony at LA’s TCL Chinese Theater yesterday, March 4.

And it sounds like one day, we may be seeing Lochlyn sharing her own handprint and signature for the Hollywood landmark!

During an appearance on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show,’ airing today March 5, Vince opened up about how his daughter “idolizes” Elsa from ‘Frozen’ — and joked about how she takes her method acting a little too seriously!

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“She doesn’t want to get too close to anyone, because she’ll hurt them — she’ll freeze them out and she’ll cause them pain so she has to shut herself out,” he told the funny lady.

“I wonder what a child psychologist would say about this, but my daughter puts on the white wig and then she is Elsa… She says, ‘I’m shutting you out, I’m not good for you. I have to be far, far away.’”

vince vaughn daughter

While he’s all about supporting her imagination, he questioned whether he and his wife were “doing some serious damage,” so he came up with a solution.

“I’ll freeze, but then she’ll kiss me and unfreeze me,” he explained. “And so then I say to her, ‘You don’t have to shut me out because if you do freeze me you’ll kiss me to unfreeze me.’”

Aww! What an awesome daddy!

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