There’s no such thing as a true crime story that isn’t a little bit crazy, but this one is seriously a doozy. Apparently, back on Oct. 27, a fight broke out at McDonald’s — and it was all because of ketchup. After going through the drive-thru line, a customer got out of her car and came up to the employee door of the fast food restaurant to ask for more ketchup. When she wasn’t immediately getting what she wanted, all hell pretty much broke loose.

According to KTLA, the manager of the Santa Ana, CA McDonald’s tried to tell the woman that the door she couldn’t be in the building. Though the drive-thru at the location was open until midnight, the inside of the restaurant closed at 10 p.m. — and the woman had shown up at 11 p.m. But things turned quickly turned violent. Instead of leaving and going through the drive-thru again (or just walking up to the drive-thru window, or going home and using ketchup from her fridge), the woman started to physically attack the manager. Over ketchup.

The altercation included pushing, punching, and choking, and, yeah, it was all caught on camera. The police recently released the security footage to hopefully help identify the suspect, and it shows the woman grappling with the restaurant’s manager as another employee tries to pull her away. It’s only once a man who seemed to be with her came and grabbed her that the couple finally left. ABC7 shared the raw footage of the event.

“Based on the officer’s report and his interview of all the witnesses, this was in reference to her not getting enough ketchup,” Corporal Anthony Bertagna from the Santa Ana Police Department told KTLA. “We take these cases seriously. These are simple employees trying to make a living, doing their jobs, and they don’t deserve to be physically assaulted because a customer’s not satisfied with the service they’re getting.”

If you recognize either individual in the video, the SAPD is asking for tips. But honestly, the whole thing is just wild. Like, we get it, McD’s whole thing is that you’re suppoesd to be “lovin’ it.” And they never give us enough ketchup either (don’t they know the ratio is one packet per nugget?!). But we certainly don’t attack anyone over it. We just go home and grumble about it on Twitter. Right now, though, we’re probably going to head out and pick up some lunch. Anybody else think some hot, salty fries sound really good right about now?

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