Steven Avery is currently sitting behind bars for the murder of Teresa Halbach, but one year before he was sentenced to life in prison, a relative accused him of sexual assault. According to legal documents obtained by Radar Online, the star of Netflix’s Making a Murderer preyed on his own family member after he was released from prison in 2003 for a wrongful conviction.

“He would tell me things like, ‘If you don’t do this, I’m going to hurt you; if you don’t do this, I’m gonna set your house on fire or that I might hurt your dad,” the teenage girl told police in an interview conducted by the Calumet County Sherriff’s Department. “I told him to stop because he doesn’t belong doing this,” she alleged, before adding that the jailbird is “pretty scary.”

Manitowoc County special prosecutor Ken Kratz confirmed to the outlet that the 2006 report is indeed legitimate. He also slammed the docuseries for painting the 56-year-old as a “lovable person.” He added, “In reality, this guy is sadistic.”

That said, these accusations were not used as evidence in his murder trial because a judge ruled them inadmissible. “Being accused of a sexual assault is meaningless in terms of providing evidence against Steven Avery in his murder conviction,” Avery’s lawyer, Kathleen Zellner, told In Touch magazine in a statement. “Mr. Kratz unsuccessfully attempted to interject these two accusations into [the] trial. The trial court issued an opinion… that they, along with other allegations, had ‘zero probative value.'”

But even one of Steven’s children, Steven Jr. — whom he had with his ex-wife, Lori Mathieson, — thinks his dad is a killer. “I mean, only one person can answer that and that is Teresa, but she can’t answer it no more,” he told Crime Watch Daily back in 2015. “The only thing I know is that the entire case was very shady. It’s clear that there was corruption.”

He continued: “I don’t wanna live life saying he’s guilty when he’s really innocent or he’s innocent when he’s really guilty, and I would just — I just wanna know the truth from him. If he did do it, why? So this way I can finally move on and then I can tell his grandkids the truth and so they know the truth.”

Tune in to the new season of Making a Murderer, which dropped on Netflix on Oct. 19.

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