Lala Kent remembers hitting rock bottom like it was yesterday.

The 31-year-old Vanderpump Rules alum says she drank “from morning until night” for four days straight during a trip to Disney World with her TV producer fiancé, Randall Emmett, in October 2018. “I get on the plane. I’m face-chugging out of a bottle, and the next morning I woke up and said, ‘I will never live this way again,’ and I reached out and got help,” she recalls.

Nearly three years later, the new mom (she and Randall welcomed daughter Ocean in March; he shares daughters London, 11, and Rylee, 7, with his ex-wife) says her sobriety is the most important thing in her life. “Without it, I’m worthless in every other area. It comes before motherhood and before my relationship.”

Here, the author of Give Them Lala talks to In Touch’s Katie Bruno about getting clean, her romance and the celebrity who made her starstruck.


Has it been difficult to avoid drinking while filming Vanderpump Rules?
No. Luckily I’ve only had one moment where I was on the brink of a relapse. I work very hard to stay sober. I’m not saying that a day won’t come where it will be difficult — I know those days are ahead.

You and Randall experienced some tough times because of your addiction. How did you survive as a couple?
When we first started dating, it was all fun and games. Things progressed with my alcoholism very quickly. I put him through a lot, but I’ve found a partner who’s shown me unconditional love.

What inspired you to write Give Them Lala?
I’ve done some things I wasn’t feeling right about, so it was me saying, “This is how it happened, this is my perspective. I’m no longer going to apologize or explain things.”

Was it difficult to relive certain events?
The hardest parts were talking about things that happened in my alcoholic state of mind. But if one person walks away saying, “I’m going to explore getting sober,” then it was worth sharing those horrific and mortifying moments.

Tell us about motherhood.
I’m enjoying every second! She’s my entire being. I’m sure at some point I’ll bounce back and have my identity, but right now I just identify as Ocean’s mom.

What’s the biggest challenge?
Being a working mom and finding balance. Even though she’s not going to remember that I’ve put her with a nanny or a night nurse while I work, the guilt sets in. But as she gets older, I want her to see her mom out there working and not depending on anybody.

Do you and Randall get time alone?
We’re actually really good at doing that. We start bickering when we neglect time together. When the kids go to bed, we watch a show or plan for sexy time.

Any wedding update?
We’re shooting for 2022, but this will be the fourth time setting a date, and we don’t want to be let down again! There’s no rush, but Randall is a producer and definitely wants a production.

What about baby No. 2?
He was dead set on just one, but then he started saying we should try for another one. So I’ve broken him! [Laughs] So, yes, there will be more — but not anytime soon.

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