This is troubling news for Tom Cruise!

When you have the actor, 54, sign on for a big, action summer blockbuster, you probably think that success at the box office is a given — too bad that wasn’t the case for his most recent flick, The Mummy! Not only was the film a total flop, with an unimpressive domestic opening of $32.2 million its first week, but some people are blaming the movie’s star for its lackluster box office performance!

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“People thought The Mummy was going to be a blockbuster, but it didn’t click with audiences,” one insider tells In Touch exclusively.

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The disappointments just keep piling on; not only did the movie cost a whopping $190 million to make, and another $100 million to market and release worldwide — but it was also panned by critics.

The insider continues, “Tom had a very tight grip on production, and some people are saying that is what ruined the film — and possibly the future of the franchise.”

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While the movie is looking like it’s going to fail, there’s no denying that Tom wholeheartedly believes in his passion project.

The Mummy is totally different. First of all, it’s a monster movie — the kind of movies that established Universal Pictures as a viable film company,” he explained in a recent interview. So when they came to me and asked if I wanted to be part of this ‘Dark Universe,’ be the one who launched the first movie of this new universe, I felt it was a good opportunity to help define the genre of monster movies for a new audience. I love monster movies.”

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Unfortunately, his monster movie may have had the adverse effect on the genre and the new “Dark Universe” the studio is hoping to introduce — not to mention, it could have an impact on his career.

“At this point,” the insider laments, “it’s not a stretch to say that his status as an A-list action hero is on the line.”

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