She’s doing the work! Kailyn Lowry first revealed back in October that she was heading back to therapy again, and in January, she revealed she’s been keeping up with the practice. On Wednesday, the 15th, the Teen Mom 2 star revealed the counseling sessions seemed to be helping as she struggled through a particularly tough week.

“I just left therapy [and] stopped in the bathroom … only to realize my pants were on backwards. So that’s basically where my life is at,” Kail, 27, posted on Twitter. Seeing that, a supportive fan spoke up to add, “Therapy is good. In therapy, you have to be honest and listen to them … It’s meant to help [you] get rid of toxic habits that [are] hurting [you]. Hope it works out.” The words seemed to resonate with the MTV mama, prompting her to reveal that it’s been something she’s been prioritizing for a while now. “I’ve been going for months, and I agree,” she said simply.

Kailyn Lowry Has Been Going to Therapy For Months
Courtesy of Kailyn Lowry/Twitter

Kail’s therapy journey got kickstarted three months earlier. Though she’d tried it before, it hadn’t stuck, but in October 2019 she seemed to reconsider. On Twitter, she revealed she and a friend both took the opportunity to reach out and seek help — but it wasn’t easy. “Everyone says therapy is so good, reach out for help, talk to someone. LOLOLOL, between me and my best friend, we’ve called at least 15 therapists before hearing back for an [appointment],” she wrote. Luckily, it didn’t take her much longer to find one. By October 25, she was announcing, “Starting therapy … again … LOL, today.”

Around that same time, the Teen Mom star hinted that she was ready to give her whole life a makeover as she debuted a new ‘do. Showing off her dyed brunette locks, she captioned the shot, “A woman who changes her hair is about to change her life.” In a second post she shared on her Instagram Story continued, “The PLAN is to MOVE. … Move out. Move on. Move up. Move smarter.”

One thing she’s definitely moved away from is drama, seemingly making amends with ex Chris Lopez and bonding with his dad on Instagram. This week, though, the tough stuff seems to be catching back up with her. In addition to counting down the days to her next vacation, Kail has also admitted that she’s needed her therapy appointment to make it through and asked fans about experiencing shock therapy. “I’m willing to try anything,” she said on the 15th.

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