Tina Fey is quite the mean girl in real life, with insiders exclusively telling In Touch that she’s putting backs up left and right with her snappy, curt attitude and impulse to dominate every single professional situation she’s in.

“Tina crowbarred her way back into the popular mainstream this year with a three-pronged attack,” a source tells In Touch. “Her Mean Girls movie musical remake, her Booking.com Super Bowl commercial, and the revival of her formerly failed sitcom Girls5Eva on Netflix. Were any of these projects, all of which personally made Tina tens of millions of dollars, especially successful? Who knows!”

The insider notes that the comedian, 54, has a “way of forcing these things to happen” and takes “all the credit if there’s even a whiff of success around them.”

“Her and her tight-knit team just steamroll their way in and push and push until they get their way, and the people signing the checks are supposed to be happy and proud to be in business with her,” the source explains. “Of course, there’s going to be collateral damage when Tina does a Super Bowl commercial where she’s willfully overshadowing everybody, including a legend like Glenn Close!”

The Mean Girls alum allegedly is a “control freak” on set and no one is “willing to step up and collaborate with her on an equal basis.”

“She’s in charge, that’s it, and there’s no give and take and no guarantee that Tina won’t take one of your great lines and moments for herself!” the insider states. “There’s a pretty clear reason why she hasn’t worked with a male star of her same stature for a lot of years: word has gotten out that Tina is territorial, dominant and only looking out for ‘number one,’ every step along the line.”

Tina’s onset demeanor also allegedly gives her a “terrible reputation among the younger, rising generation of comics who want to work with her.”

“She’s this big legend,” the insider says. “They all walk away disappointed with who she really is.”

Despite the backlash, the SNL alum has had quite a year and her list of projects only continues to grow with her recently announced Netflix series, Four Seasons. The eight-episode series, which is based on the film of the same name, is slated to begin production later this year and features comedic powerhouse, Steve Carell. The pair continue their working relationship after costarring in the 2010 comedy, Date Night.

In addition to starring in the series, Tina also co-created the series with 30 Rock alums, Lang Fisher and Tracey Wigfield.

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