Being healthy doesn’t need to clean out your wallet. Eat well, feel good and save some money for a splurge that might truly be worth the upgrade.


Download a Fitness App!

Fitness apps are the perfect antidote to a boring (and pricey) gym routine. And because you can access them right from your phone, they’re easier to stick with. Also, you can switch them up (cheaply) as often as you want, to keep it interesting.



Lettuce can be expensive — often kale or frozen spinach is cheaper. Plus, lettuce doesn’t have the nutritional value and fiber boost that other green veggies do.


Ocean Remedies Kale


Get A New Pillow!

The single filthiest thing on your bed could be your pillow. The National Sleep Foundation recommends you swap your pillow out every two years.
















Bag Your Lunch!

What exactly goes into your food from a takeout place? It could be laden with fatty oils, processed foods and unsavory ingredients. To ensure you’re eating with health in mind, pack your own lunch and bring it to work each day.

Ocean article lunch box

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

When it comes to fat, there’s one type you don’t want to cut back on: omega-3 fatty acids. Two crucial ones — EPA and DHA — are primarily found in certain fish. Not only does your body need these fatty acids to function, but they also deliver some big health benefits.

Ocean Remedies Krill Oil is a must-try health hack. It has a higher phospholipid content compared to other brands; contains astaxanthin, a naturally occurring antioxidant; and has been certified by Friend of the Sea, based on sustainable harvesting of the krill. Learn more about krill oil and Friend of the Sea at 

Ocean Krill Oil

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