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Everyone watched as DeAnna Pappas picked professional snowboarder Jesse Csincsak on the Bachelorette 4 – but sadly, their engagement ended last fall. Now, Jesse opens up to In Touch about his devastating split, finding love again and what he thinks of the man behind the latest Bachelor saga, Jason Mesnick.

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What are you up to?

I’m in Vail snowboarding and having a great time. I’m working on a few projects. I did an America’s Most Wanted episode with John Walsh over an unsolved murder of a snowboarder, and another episode of Made for MTV.

Have you seen Jason and Molly? How are they doing?

Yes, I just saw them last night. We made an appearance together with my new girlfriend, Holly, who was on the London Calling season of the Bachelor.

Of course, Jason was the guy who lost out to you on last year's Bachelor, when Deanna chose you instead of him. What did you say to Jason about all of this?

Yes, of course I knew him really well from all of that. I told him just to
not worry about what people are saying and the people who are hating on him. I told him he should just forget about all of that and focus on the
relationship. I don’t condone that Melissa got hurt, but everyone would die
to be in love and that’s the goal for most of us. You don’t go on a show
like this and not think this might not happen to you.

Jason went through this too (during his season) and people are so quick to
forget that. Last season was when Jason got his heart broken. So he knows
what it's like for Melissa now, and I don’t think he did this lightly. I
believe him. He was a real guy. We’re both from Ohio, and I believe him when he says he didn’t plan any of this.

But a lot of people think he's the bad guy

It’s really tough, because everyone has an opinion about this. It's also not
just him, there’s contracts and producers to deal with, and the only people
who can really understand what this is like for him now is people who have
been there. Even the other contestants who got eliminated earlier don’t
understand what it's like.

Do you mean that the producers forced him to do this somehow?

No, what I mean is that you can forget 10 million people are watching, but
you never forget that there are 50 producers in the control room starting and stopping and editing things. I worked with these people and they are all straight shooters, but things that look like they happen in a week actually happen over three months.

Now you have someone else. Could it be a happy ending for Melissa, too?

Yes! DeAnna actually introduced me to Holly Durst at a party for Bachelor
and Bachelorette people, and everyone exchanged numbers. After we broke
up, I called Holly and said, "Hey, would you like to come out to Colorado and go snowboarding?" So far, it’s great! We’re just taking it slow.

Do you have any advise for Jason?

I would say to take it slow. Get back into your daily routine and don’t fall
into the Hollywood trap of suddenly thinking you're a star.

Was it a good experience for you?

I enjoyed every minute. I learned how to fall in love. If you haven’t been on the show you can't understand, but it’s intense and love does happen. I definitely was in love with DeAnna Pappas, even though I'm not any more.

Was the public breakup tough?

I was so crushed by the breakup. For me, the most difficult thing was
how we were going to tell the public. I got broken up with at an airline
terminal. I let the anger get out of my system, and then I posted something on YouTube to tell the fans. I felt so alone. I wanted to crawl into a hole and disappear. I got thousands of e-mails from fans asking, "What was she thinking?" And that’s what Jason is going through now I'm sure.

Do you have any advise for Melissa?

Take it one day at a time and focus on what you love. For me, it was to throw myself back into snowboarding. Melissa wants to be a teacher, so maybe she should just focus on that right now. But she’ll get through this, and ultimately be happier. And she’ll meet someone that’s right for her.

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